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Is an area of tea and quinine plantations with beautiful natural scenery.
  Situ Patengan

The lake is located dilereng Patuha. Which has the island romance and love rock. Located in the tea plantations bali Ranch, located about 47 km from the city of Bandung.
  Kawah Putih

One of the crater of Mount Patuha that are excellent natural beauty Ciwidey. The uniqueness of this tourist attraction is a crater which is white, the air is very cold here can even reach 0-2 degrees Celsius in certain seasons.
  Kebun Strawbery

Tourism is picking strawberries when tourism is very popular with tourists. Strawberry is a leading agro products from Bandung regency, especially in the area Ciwidey. In this area there are many traditional strawberry garden to garden with professional management.

Ciwidey area is rich with natural hot springs. One was used by a swimming pool Perhutanioffice Cimanggu. Swimming Cimanggu has extensive parking facilities, children's playground, etc..

As with Cimanggu, Ciwalini also utilize pelimpahnya natural hot springs. The swimming pool is located within the cool tea plantation Walini.
  Ranca Upas

A campground complex around the groves of Eucalyptus, a plant that originated from the continent of Australia. This area is 41 km from downtown Bandung, and is situated at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level, with air temperatures average 18 degrees Celsius.
  Situ Cileunca
Cileunca there is a lake in the area Pangalengan.
In addition to functioning as an interesting tourist attraction, there Cileunca also serves as a source of water for power generation. Water from the lake flowed through the river Palayangan, which is also often used as an arena of air-water rafting / rafting.

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